Understanding Irish Tax Sole Trader

Mixed Ability

Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00

6 Weeks 


* Later start date of Wednesday 6th March 2024 *

Course Overview 

This course is for individuals, who wish to better understand their personal tax affairs and gain some insight into their responsibilities along with some tips on managing their tax affairs.  

Setting up your own business is an exciting step but can also be a little scary, especially when you realise the amount of paperwork involved.  

During this 6 week course we will be looking at your tax obligations under income tax, payroll and VAT.  What are business expenses, when should you be registering for VAT along with the operation of same.  We will also look at some common payroll issues and what are your filing obligations and interacting with Revenue.

The topics covered will give attendees a general overview and should not be taken as tailored tax advice; rather the purpose of this course is to equip attendees with some tools to help them better understand how taxes operate.

Tutor Details: Naomi Butler

Naomi is a qualified tax advisor who has worked as professional tax advisor since qualifying in 2008 with the Irish Taxation Institute.  As well as working for personal and corporate tax clients, she lectures in tax for those sitting professional exams with CPA and ATI.  Naomi also presents webinars to other tax and accounting professionals.