Mixed Ability




10 Weeks 


Course Overview 

Pilates uses slow and controlled movements to develop strong abdominals, back, butt and deep postural muscles, increase body awareness, and gain flexibility.

Pilates can result in a number of physical and mental health benefits and in addition to improving strength, balance, flexibility and posture it can increase energy levels and enhance mood. Pilates improves core strength in an integrated and holistic way, meaning that no one muscle group is over developed relative to other muscle groups.

Beginners Pilates 

In this beginners Pilates course, we cover the basic Pilates exercises incorporating light weights or bottles of water to gain upper body strength and to tone the arms.

Mixed Ability Pilates

You don’t have to have done Pilates before to enrol on one of these classes. The tutor will modify or adjust exercises to suit individual needs. 

Additional Information 

You should wear loose, comfortable clothing that will allow you to stretch and perform the exercises.

You will need your own exercise mat. Cheap exercise (yoga) mats can sometimes be purchased in the supermarket. Camping mats also suffice.

A head block / yoga block will be used for Maria's class. 

Light weights / water bottles ideal for Amelia's class 

Teacher Schedule    

Maria Keane Monday 18:30 - 19:30           Mixed Ability

Maria Keane Monday 19:30 - 20:30           Beginners

Renata Monday 19.00 - 20:00 Beginners

Renata Monday 20.00 - 21:00           Mixed Ability

Amelia Dunne Tuesday 18.30 - 19:30 Beginners

Amelia Dunne Tuesday 19.30 - 20:30           Intermediate

Maria Keane Wednesday 19:30 - 20:30           Mixed Ability

Maria Keane Wednesday 20:30 - 21:30           Intermediate  

Tutor Details

Tutor: Renata Clarke

I am a certified Pilates Instructor since 2008 and, according to the Pilates method's ethos, am still training with the STOTT Pilates Company constantly looking to improve my knowledge of the human body. I have also trained as a neuromuscular therapist.

Believing that Pilates is for everybody, my aim is two help you transform into a stronger, healthier and pain-free body. Whether you are looking to complete a marathon for the first time, or recovering from an injury, I can ensure you my calm manners and vast knowledge of the human body will make you at ease and give you the confidence to achieve your fitness goals or enjoy your favourite activities.

Tutor: Maria Keane

Maria qualified in STOTT Pilates in 2011. She is a dedicated instructor focusing on Mat Pilates for beginners and intermediate levels. Before undergoing the STOTT pilates instructor course, Maria worked as a health and fitness instructor. In the past, she also instructed classes in Tallaght Physiotherapy Clinic, The Arena Gym (Tallaght) and staff classes in the Rotunda Hospital. 

Tutor: Amelia Dunne 

Amelia has been teaching Pilates for sixteen years. She is a qualified Pilates Instructor with Bodyfirm in both Level 1 (beginner) and Level 2 (advanced) mat work.